Service Features

Commitment to Quality

We offer clients accurate and effective translation, instead of simply a literal word-for-word translation. We strictly control a streamlined workflow to maintain the quality of our services. For each job, we examine the client's specific requirements, select an expert native-language translator who specializes in the field concerned, and have an experienced editor thoroughly review the completed translation. After delivery, we ask feedback from the client to further enhance product quality for the next job from that client.

Expertise and Broad Knowledge

We offer service covering a wide range of expertise, including the fields of information technology, computers, machinery, economics, and medicine. Our expert translators and editors possess technical knowledge in these fields and stay abreast of new trends, day-to-day changes, and ongoing development. Through many years of experience, our professionals have accumulated vast knowledge and the proven ability to write effective papers and reports, translate formatted documents accurately, and create documents appealing to both Japanese and other people. We offer this knowledge and ability to you.

Types of Service and Media Coverage

Our line of services can accommodate diverse client requirements. For the full translation of all text in a document, select the Text Translation service. If you only want the summary of a document to be translated, select the Brief Translation service. When you need something translated very quickly, request the Express Translation service. Clients who need a document translated in desktop publishing (DTP) format can request our DTP service. With a comprehensive array of the latest computer software and hardware (including a full range of applications, high-speed networking, and CD, DVD, and MO drives), we can receive and process your document data in various formats. For details about the types of services, see Types of Service.

Free Quote and Sample Translation

You can request a free quote for your job. Simply send us part of the document to be translated with a quote request. We will translate that outline or initial part of the document at no charge to you. There are some sample translations on this site. Click here to view the samples for your reference.

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