Service Workflow

We implement a streamlined workflow as shown below to provide our clients with high quality service.

1. Arrangement with client for specifications (type of service, terminology, and other requirements)

2. Our service manager arranges the detailed service specifications with the client by e-mail, telephone, or in a face-to-face meeting. Definite scheduling and charges are concluded at this stage.

3. Selection of translator and pretreatment of source document

4. The service manager selects a translator who specializes in the field of the source document. (For a large-volume document, we assign a project team.)

5. Translation

6. The selected translator translates the document carefully and accurately.

7. Proofreading and editing by expert editor

8. Our expert editor proofreads and edits the translation.

9. Mid-flow delivery to client (optional)

10. We deliver the translation at this stage to the client. (This process is optional.)

11. Reflection of client feedback (optional)

12. We reflect client requests in the translation. (This process is optional.)

13. DTP processing

14. For DTP/Web Document Translation, our DTP or web page operator inputs or edits the translation data in DTP or web document format. The final product is then checked.

15. Delivery

16. We deliver the final product to the client via the Internet or on other media.

Copyright (C) 2003 ARUSU Corporation All rights reserved.
Authored by Hirotaka Hamada