Types of Translation Services

We render three types of translation services to meet the needs of different clients. Select the Text Translation service (ordinary translation) for the full translation of all text in your document. Select the DTP/Web Document Translation service for document translation in DTP or web page format. Select the Brief Translation service for a translated outline of your document. For prompt and urgent document translation, select the Express Translation service.

DTP/Web Document Translation

We translate and input the text of a DTP or web document in the original format so that the document can be used unchanged. For any text (used as graphic data) that cannot be changed in the document format, we translate and deliver such text as comment data.

Text Translation

We translate the full text of your document and deliver the translation as text data (usually Word data). This is our regular translation service.

Brief Translation

We summarize and translate your document as a brief that is about one-third of the entire document in volume. For example, you can request both a brief of the entire document and the full translation of only the parts you need.

Express Translation

Within 48 hours. For an added charge, we can translate your document within 48 hours. This service only applies to documents of up to two A4-sized pages (36 lines of 12-point letters per page).

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Authored by Hirotaka Hamada